Bishop’s Message

St Theresa’s Shrine, Mahe, belongs to the diocese of Calicut is a famous Shrine and an antique church in South India dedicated to the mystic saint Theresa of Avila. It is also one of the important historical landmarks in the region.

The history of the establishment of the shrine is very mystifying due to its antiquity and there are many myths surrounding it. The discovery of a very valuable document “De Missione Mahiensi in Malabaribus Commentarius written by Fr Ignatius Hyppolitus OCD in 1757 from the Carmelite Archive in Rome was a turning point in the reconstruction of the history of this ancient Church.

According to this document, Fr Dominic OCD who landed on the coastal region of Mahe and founded the Mahe Mission in the year 1723. A flourishing Catholic Community grew here thanks to the selfless work of the Carmelite Missionaries. Changes in Political Administration and rivalries between the local rulers had an impact on the church too. In the course of history many times the church suffered damages and were restored to its glory again. In the year 1738 and in 1855, the church witnessed major renovations.

The unique feature of this shrine is the devotion that spread around its patron saint Theresa of Avila. People irrespective of cast and creed come to this church to pray. The number of the people rises up to lakhs between October 05 to 15, the feast days of St Theresa of Avila. Thousands of people make use of this occasion for Confession. Thousands receive spiritual and material blessings through the intercession of St Teresa.

I am happy and much pleased to invite you to this historical and sacred sanctuary to pray and to receive many blessings.