Golden Maxims of St. Theresa

  • Remember that you have only one soul.

That you have only one death to die,

That you have only one life which is short and has

to be lived by you alone.

That there is only one glory, which is eternal.

If you do this, there will be many things about

which you care nothing.

  • Let your desire be to see God.

Your fear that you may lose Him.

Your sorrow that you are not having fruition of Him

Your joy that He can bring you to Himself.

Thus you will live in great peace.

  •  Always think of yourself as everyone’s servant, look for

Christ Our Lord in everyone and you will then have

respect and reverence for all.

  • Always cherish earnest desires to suffer for Christ in

every respect and on every occasion.

  •  Treasure up the feelings which the Lord communicates to you and put into practice the desires which He gives you in prayer.
  • Detach your heart from all things.  Seek God and you will find Him.
  • Be gentle to all and stern with yourself.
  • Consider how quickly people change and how little, one can trust them and so cling closely to God who never changes.
  • Oh, my God, without thee,

              Life goes sadly by,

              and my yearning for thee

              makes me long to die.

              Cross, my joy and happiness

              O Cross of Christ, all Hail,

              Through the Cross, both happiness